Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES


   Nutritionist, Herbalist, Holistic Health 

   Practitioner, Speaker, Author,

   Adjunct Professor of Functional and

   Integrative Medicine


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   Cindy provides living proof of the wisdom of the adage, "Heal thyself." A childhood wrought with asthma, allergies, skin problems, intestinal disorders, and other recurrent illnesses led her to personally begin practicing herbal medicine and nutrition in the late 1970s.  Much to her surprise (and her various physicians!) her medical issues disappeared.  She went on to raise her two children on plant medicine and organic foods and has continued her health disciplines for over 35 years, which she feels has enabled her to experience the degree of health and vitality she possesses today. Read her story --


"The doctors told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life and there was nothing anyone could do for me.  I had been suffering with asthma and allergies since the age of 5, spending many frightening evenings alone in the hospital. Four allergy shots each week for many years did little to alleviate the constant battle with sneezing (which then, of course, led to wheezing), and because of the chronic overuse of Benedryl it no longer had any effect.  The eczema on my body had spread nearly everywhere.  The steroidal creams and ultraviolet light treatments barely kept it under control, while the black tar ointment my mom applied smelled just awful. The constipation was so severe it would occasionally tear my rectum when the bowels did move, so as a child I was hospitalized several times undergoing upper and lower GIs after not having a movement for nearly two weeks' time. The recurrent kidney infections meant I would miss even more school, and the dye used in one of the medical procedures to study my kidneys caused my body to go into anaphylactic shock. Chronic ear, throat, and lower respiratory infections, and boils in my armpits meant constant antibiotic and steroid use that lead to recurring yeast issues.


Desperately seeking anything that would help, I turned to herbal medicine. After meeting a practitioner who studied herbalism and naturopathy in Germany, he taught me how to heal my body in less than one year, versus simply masking the symptoms. In 1979 I attended my first holistic health seminar. Afterward, I asked the speaker how he came to be so knowledgeable in a field where there was no formal training. He told me he studied Native American herbalism and teachings from the earliest publications he could find, some even on microfiche, and then would put into practice what he learned.


Thus, during the next several years I studied every spare moment I could and practiced healing my family and friends. I raised two children on herbal medicine and with healthy diets (much different than the "party store diet" I was raised on.) I read book after book on holistic health and healing, easily studying 500 or more resources during the late 1970s and early to mid 1980s. As a result of this new-found knowledge and a passion to share healing, I opened my first practice in 1983 in Hartland, Michigan on highway M-59 -- the Center for Traditional Folk Remedies. I became somewhat of a local celebrity and people flocked to my door. Later I moved my practice to Brighton and, ultimately, to Ann Arbor in 1989.  My office has been in The Parkway Center since 1997.


As an herbalist and nutritionist, I had personally advised thousands of people in my career, all without a formal  education; however, in September of 2006 I enrolled at Eastern Michigan University and in April of 2012, at the age of 59, I earned my Masters Degree in Nutrition both Summa Cum Laude and as an Honors College student. I am now an adjunct professor at EMU teaching the graduate course I created, 'Functional and Integrative Medicine'."



Professional Bio

     In addition to her private practice as a nutritionist and herbalist, Cindy Klement is a dynamic, energetic, and sought-after health educator. She conducts corporate wellness seminars, faith-based health programs for churches, holds private classes, and has taught several hundred seminars in over 90 cities across the United States and Canada during the past 15 years.  With almost 35 years of experience, she is able to share her passion for healthful living with infectious enthusiasm.


     Cindy has been featured on local television stations and acknowledged in over a dozen news articles.  She is an adjunct professor at Eastern Michigan University, and an advisory board member of Community Supported Anthroposophic Medicine as well as the Health Practitioners Advisory Council. Among her decades-long training in holistic, alternative, complementary, integrative, and functional medicine she also holds a Master's degree in Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University, is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist, and is accredited as a Master Certified Health Educator by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. She is the author of both "Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden" and "Plant Medicine Safety."

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Cindy's First Practice on M-59

in Hartland, Michigan in 1983

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     Cindy's Current Practice on S. Huron Parkway

in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1997

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"Plant Medicine Safety"


"Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden"

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     In the Fall of 1983, Cindy decided to open her own holistic health center providing in-depth nutrition and herbal remedy services to her clients. Her practice grew rapidly. From her first office setting on M-59 in Hartland, she subsequently moved to Brighton, and then relocated to Ann Arbor. Her office has been in The Parkway Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1997.



     Whether looking for a professional class for the lay person or the seasoned professional, Cindy provides every kind of educational opportunity: keynote speaker, private classes, corporate wellness programs, faith-based church sponsored health programs, and she also sponsors special events by bringing in outside speakers to the area to share their expertise.