Cindy Klement, MS, CNS, MCHES


   Nutritionist, Herbalist, Holistic Health 

   Practitioner, Speaker, Author

   Adjunct Professor of Functional and

   Integrative Medicine


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Nutrition Services


Examples of common health conditions Cindy has helped her clients with include: diabetes and insulin resistance; blood pressure and cholesterol issues; arthritis and gout; chronic pain; food allergies and food sensitivities; digestive difficulties; intestinal problems; celiac disease; osteoporosis; menopause; hormonal issues; immune disorders; allergies and asthma; dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria); skin problems; issues with fatigue; stress management; reproductive issues; urinary problems; and chronic, unresolved medical issues.



Health Consultation - New Clients


1.5 hours = $185


Initial consultation includes food intake analysis and nutritional recommendations, review of any nutrient depletion from current use of pharmaceutical drugs, nutritional supplement evaluation and recommendation, analysis of blood work and medical reports, lifestyle strategies, environmental exposures, and body composition.




             Follow-up visits are $125 an hour, and can be conducted either in my office or by phone.


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